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2000 to present


family.JPG (467467 bytes)

Clayton's family
stan-library.jpg (122043 bytes)

Newspaper photo of Stan


1980's and 1990's


dorisfamily1.jpg (143976 bytes)

Doris and family

Clayt's dragster

Lyndsey drag racing

Clayt, Becky, Jayme, and Lyndsey

Lyndsey's car



1960's and 1970's

griffinfamily.jpg (205171 bytes)

Griffin family, 1977
rayolive.jpg (91260 bytes)

Ray and Olive
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Frame2-3.jpg (7939 bytes) Frame2-5.jpg (23796 bytes)
Frame1-4.jpg (59102 bytes)  

1940's and 1950's

clayton2.jpg (64563 bytes)

Clayton's birth announcement
Frame1-1.jpg (47029 bytes)

1920's and 1930's


rayolivewedding.jpg (81911 bytes)

Ray and Olive's Wedding Day, 1927
dorisstan1.jpg (84645 bytes)

Stan and Doris

raystan.jpg (48898 bytes)

Ray and Stan
rayolive2.jpg (123936 bytes)

Ray and Olive
doris-stan-don.jpg (71588 bytes)

Stan, Doris, and neighbor children
Frame2-1.jpg (12897 bytes)

Early 1900's and before

samuelfamily.jpg (48984 bytes)
Samuel Griffin and family, early 1900's
isabelle-samuel.jpg (23337 bytes)

Samuel and Isabelle Griffin
raygertrude.jpg (16866 bytes)

Gertie and Ray