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Name: Helga
Gosh, this was so great to see all the pictures and do some remembering.  My daughter Colleen and I enjoyed looking at all the photos together.  Thanks so much Jeanne!!
Date: February 6, 2005

Name: Mary
Date:  January 16, 2005
Hello everyone!!!
This website is wonderful!  Thanks so much for starting it Jeanne. I am still smiling after looking at the pictures. We did have fun didn't we? Life was a lot simpler then, wasn't it? I will look for some pictures also. I agree with Cindy.  Let's really try and get together this summer. Perhaps we could all come up with a few dates to get together. Think about it. Take care everyone.    Mary

Name: Becky
Date: December 30, 2004
What a great idea!  Those pictures sure make me feel old.  I sure miss keeping in touch with all of you. 

Name: Cindy (Hinzman) Goetz
Date: December 29, 2004
Hey, great idea!  I'll pull out some pictures.  I've been going through all of mine to get an album together for my son's graduation.  I have some of us that are really embarrassing!!! Of course, they probably won't scan.  Let me know if you need anything else. 

I think this calls for a reunion.  We could all come up your way and meet for a day!!  You know it's been over 25 years.  Happy 2005 to all!

Name: Anita
Date:  December 24, 2004
My, don't we look young!  Thanks for the memories, Jeanne.
Love Anita

Name: Jeanne
Date: December 21, 2004

Hello everyone! I hope you will all enjoy the web site. I'll be waiting for your photos, etc.!